Highland Starter Set (Legend Series Longbow)



The Legend Series Longbows are a sight to see and hold. The stately burl wood riser will look stunning in your hands or hanging on your wall. These ambidextrous takedown bows feature lightweight composite material wrapped in a burl wood color. They are easy to assemble and string. No tools required. Our bow strings include the "no-glove finger saver" so when shooting an arrow, the string rolls off your fingers without abrasions. The Legend Series Longbow has a draw weight of 20# at 28" for a fun and safe experience indoors or outdoors. Bows come with our standard 1 year warranty. Arrows come with our standard 90 day warranty.

Set includes:

  • 1 Byron Ferguson Legend Series Longbow (some assembly required)
  • 3 Highland Archery arrows
  • 1 Global Archery warranty card
  • 1 Legend Series Longbow assembly guide